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River East Infrastructure Improvements

Dan's Excavating, Inc. (DEI), was under contract with the City of Detroit Engineering Department to construct the River East Infrastructure Improvements project. This project was unique in that the City of Detroit and General Motors worked together to receive a grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to construct this project and others to enhance the areas surrounding the Renaissance Center. With both parties having an interest in this project, DEI was constantly addressing solutions to concerns brought about by both General Motors and the City of Detroit Engineering.

This project in Detroit, Michigan involved:

  • The reconstruction of over 1/2 mile of concrete roadway with complete sewer, water and electrical system along existing streets near the Renaissance building. 
  • 3,313 linear feet of storm sewer 12" to 66" 
  • 900 linear feet of water main 
  • Sophisticated electrical system 
  • Irrigation system 
  •  Placement of 20,530 square yards of 10" reinforced concrete pavement with integral curb

DEI completed this $6,153,558.00 project during the 2003 construction season as scheduled in the contract documents.

Meet The Team

Project Manager: Dennis Rozanski
Project Superintendent: Doug Stroman

Project Images

  • River East Infrastructure Improvements
  • River East Infrastructure Improvements