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Selfridge ANGB

With the award and ongoing construction of the Upgrade Runway 0-19 and Electrical Vault project at Selfridge ANGB, Dan's Excavating, Inc. (DEI), continued its unrivaled work on airfield projects in the State of Michigan.

The project at Selfridge included reconstructing the 9,000 foot runway and associated turnarounds and blast pads, upgrading the airfield lighting system with a new electrical vault building and switchgear, installation of a RIDS system and a BAK12 system.

The project's major quantities of work include:

  • 67,000 syd concrete pavement removal 
  • 32,500 tons asphalt milling 
  • 9,300 syd concrete pavement rubblizing 
  • Excavation 40,000 cyd 
  • 80,000 syd lime stabilizing sub grade 
  • 92,500 syd layer 90,000 syd concrete pavement installation 
  • 50,000 tons asphalt paving installation 
  • 4,500 feet storm pipe 
  • 25,000 feet sub base under grade 
  • 30 acres site restoration 
  • Vault building construction 
  • Airfield lighting and switchgear 
  • Grooving, striping, construction staking 
  • Contractor quality assurance and quality control

Since this project required a complete runway shutdown and interruption to aircraft operations, DEI's initial proposal included value engineering which detailed an expedited schedule that allowed the base to maintain its operations an additional seven weeks while still completing the project by the scheduled completion date.

This proposal along with DEI's extensive airfield experience and technical approach, resulted in the selection committee's choice of DEI even though our price was not the lowest submitted in response to the solicitation.

Meet The Team

Supervising Manager: John Otto
Project Manager: Mitch Master
Project Superintendent: Brian Peyerk
Project Engineer: Chris Yelenchich
Project Administrator: Patricia Bilski

Project Images

  • Selfridge ANGB