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Pump Station #11

In conjunction with Dan's Excavating, Inc. (DEI), Detroit Metro Airport expansion work, which included mass grading and underground utilities, our bridge and concrete division was the successful low bidder on Pump Station #11 which now services the new north/south runway.

Pump Station #11 is the third such station built by DEI at the airport since 1997 and is the largest of the three. Bids were accepted by Wayne County in May of 1999 and construction began in October of 1999. Contract unit price at bid time was $9,629,115.00 with the second bidder at $9,900,000.00.

The bottom of the station excavation is 75 feet below grade and the 11-foot diameter inlet pipe is 51 feet below grade. Six 900 H.P. motors are inside the station, each capable of discharging 63,000 gallons per minute.

Excavation was done using soldier pile and wood lagging. Forty-eight steel "H" pile were driven around the perimeter of the station initially. Excavation then proceeded using hardwood lagging and a system of dewatering wells to remove the hydraulic head caused by existing ground water. Final dimensions of the station excavation were 77-foot diameter, 60 foot of braced excavation and 15 feet of open cut excavation.

Once the excavation was completed a 10 foot thick, 1,725 cubic yard base mat was poured to seal the excavation from the hydraulic pressure of the ground water. After the base mat was completed construction of the station proceeded from the bottom up. Exterior walls six foot thick were cast using a climbing form system from PERI form works.

Internal walls and supported slabs were constructed using a combination of EFCO steel forms and Patent Scaffolding. Supported floors approached 300 cubic yards cast in one continuous pour.

Major quantities of work on the project consisted of: 5,850 cubic yards of concrete, 390 tons of reinforcing steel and 20,500 cubic yards of excavation.

Meet The Team

Project Manager: Steve Lewis
Project Superintendent: Dean Peters
Carpenter Foreman: Eugene Biland
Project Administrator: Eric Jennings

Project Images

  • Pump Station #11