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Martin Drain Outfall

Dan's Excavating, Inc. (DEI), recently completed a unique and distinctive project with the Macomb County Publics Work Commission and Spalding DeDecker, Inc

The project consisted of the following work with a contract amount of $1,900,000.00:

  • Removing 650 l.f. of an existing 16' x 10' cast in place box culvert in Lake St. Clair.
  • Installing 650 l.f. of a pre-cast 16' x 10' box culvert in Lake St. Clair.
  • Driving 2,400 l.f. of vinyl sheeting along the entire length of the proposed and existing box culvert.
  • Capping the entire outfall structure with a fibrous concrete material.

DEI considered this a unique and distinctive project due to the method in how the project had to be built. All materials and equipment had to be barged daily from the staging site to the project which was 1/4 mile downriver. All removals and installations had to be performed with equipment working on barges. Finally, the use of vinyl sheeting was one of the first on a public job in the state of Michigan.

DEI completed the job ahead of schedule and within the contract budget which is how we strive to build and complete all of our projects.

DEI continues to uphold the outstanding reputation that was set forth in 1974 when the company was established.

Meet The Team

Project Manager: Brian Schember
Carpenter Foreman: Brian Peyerk
Project Engineer: Dennis Rozanski

Project Images

  • Martin Drain Outfall
  • Martin Drain Outfall