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South Access Road (SAR) Element #4

This $20,000,000.00 plus, project was awarded to Dan's Excavating, Inc. (DEI), in December of 2000. The project was the final link in the new airport roadway system that enables access to the existing terminals on the North side of the airport and the new Midfield Terminal, from either the North or South end of the airport.

The project was a challenge from the outset. While the contract had a two year duration, the intermediate completion dates required that approximately 95% of the project be built the first year. What this entailed was constructing a complete traffic interchange inside one of the busiest airports in the country without interrupting traffic flow or impacting aircraft movement.

This required removing approximately 26 acres of concrete and bituminous pavement ranging from 16" thick concrete apron pavement down to parking lot paving of 4" thick asphalt.

  • This also meant that the majority of the 130,000 m3 plus of excavation and embankment work took place inside the airport security area, immediately adjacent to an active taxiway and operating aircraft ramp area.
  • In addition to the aircraft operation, the installation of just under three miles of new storm drainage, water mains, the construction of four bridges, and 80,540 square feet of retaining walls had to be staged around the public traffic that flowed 24 hours a day, requiring a substantial portion of the work to be constructed at night.

DEI was able to interface our work with all of the known and unknown obstacles and schedule our sub-contractors to have the roadway ready for public use in early December of 2001, three months prior to the opening of the new Midfield Terminal.

  • The completed project has received compliments for both the aesthetics and timely availability to the public.

Meet The Team

Project Manager: Rick Kincaid
Project Superintendent: Duane Holdwick

Project Images

  • South Access Road (SAR) Element #4
  • South Access Road (SAR) Element #4